Great Love from Small Actions

On April 1, 2018, three employees from our company, Zhang Haishan, Zhang Li and Kong Delin took part in the compassion activity in Yuyang Love Service Station. They first visited the elderly person of no family who live in Houliang Village (Licha Town, Jiaozhou City), brought them daily necessities, and helped to solve the problems of the elderly’s difficulties in seeing doctor in the community hospital. In the afternoon, they went to poor families to provide the financial aid to their children, in order to help them finish their studies. Three employees felt sad when they saw the situation of poor families. However, what they can do is limited. They’d like to call for more people to join in the caring organization, give a helping hand to people in need, and make efforts to let our society fill with love and happiness. From now on, our company will participate in related activities regularly in Yuyang Love Service Station. We will do our utmost efforts on the caring activities, which is also reflect the social responsibility of our company.

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Post time: Apr-12-2018
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